Norton AV 2005 and Gaming

  Steven W 09:34 21 Nov 2004


I used to use Grisoft AVG (free version) up until a while ago when it started to fail to detect and remove a couple of viruses we picked up.

Since then i have switched to Norton Anti Virus 2005. I have tried the new AVG 7 Free version but a) i don't like the interface and b) if i leave my PC for more than 20 minutes or so the desktop freezes (mouse moves but no clicking but thats another story)

Since installing NAV 2005 I've been happy with it especially as it sorted all the other problems out including two Adware files....

However the problem is when it comes to gaming. With AVG 6 you could easily disable the AV to reduce impact on the PC however it doesn't seem that simple in Norton. I tried Disable Auto Protect but it doesn't seem to make any difference - game play is still choppy at best (wasn't before)

Is there a simple way to disable Norton for gaming?

  Steven W 09:39 21 Nov 2004

Oh and i have tried EndItAll and EndItAll2 as suggested here in another thread. Good programs but they won't shut down Norton even if you give it permission to kill off those files!!

  powerless 09:44 21 Nov 2004

Confirm its NAV, close NAV down completely.

  Steven W 10:33 21 Nov 2004

"Confirm its NAV, close NAV down completely. "

Sorry but how?

  powerless 10:37 21 Nov 2004

Open NAV, Options,

Under [autoprotect] How to stay protected:

Uncheck them all.

  Steven W 11:18 21 Nov 2004

I see.

There isn't a way without rebooting each time to switch on and off?


  Steven W 11:26 21 Nov 2004

Ah. Just tried it. It has the same effect as right clicking the system tray icon and selecting Disable Auto Protect.

  Steven W 11:38 21 Nov 2004

Just tried again and i can confirm unchecking those options just has the same effect as Disable Auto Protect - all the other Symantec components are still running in the background.

I'm running a fairly old PC. PIII 800 256 Mb RAM.

Does anyone here run Norton AV on a more powerful system and run games without any ill effect? With ot without Auto Protect Enabled?

GTA 3 runs really well with AVG disabled or with no AV installed but with Norton installed they just constantly stutter and make it impossible to play.

I know a faster PC would be better but would NAV also choke a multi-GHz PC too? Or would the power of the PC overcome the strangling effets of the Anti Virus?

  Steven W 09:07 22 Nov 2004

Anyone else?

  BigMoFoT 09:26 22 Nov 2004

Norton as a program is a lot more inn depth than AVg so, taking the spec of your machine into account I'm not at asll surprised it may be running a bit slow.

Norton will not like being disabled so I would concentrate on disabling other processes - for instance I would strongly recommend checking your startup items in msconfig

  Steven W 09:42 22 Nov 2004

All unnecessary items are removed on a regular basis.

I do understand that the spec of the PC is below par but i didn't realise that NAV would impact it so much. Even if i forgot to switch AVG off it didn't impact gaming so much - but then as you say NAV is more in depth.

Would a more powerful PC still be choked by NAV or will it game happily with NAV running?

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