Norton AV 2004 won't install

  pr4 10:22 21 Feb 2004

I've just re-installed Windows XP and am trying to re-install NAV 2004 from the original CD but without success.

I've carried out the pre-install scan (no problem there) but the subsequent installation process packs in just over half way through.

I get the option to 'retry' but this doesn't work either. On pressing 'cancel' the part installation is removed and I simply get an error message saying Norton 'encountered an error', but no other details.

I've also tried using 'add/remove programs' but no joy here either. However, I did notice that, despite the difficulties, Live Update 1.9 had installed succesfully.

Any help or advice gratefully received.

  bhocip 10:49 21 Feb 2004

I have XP as OS. Switched on computer couple of weeks ago, window came up telling me to uninstall NAV2004, and reinstall. I have tried to do this a number of times with no success. My system is doing the same actions as yours. I have tried to log on to the free e-mail help at Symantec, but have been unsuccessful. I don't want to try the pay help line, I purchased the AV2004 two months ago; and it has been working normally.
I am sorry I can't offer any solution to the problem, but thought it might help if you knew you were not alone.
Hoping that our good friends on the forum will come up with suggestions.

  Jester2K 11:07 21 Feb 2004

If NAV failed the first time then it might cxausing the subsiquent installations to fail.

Norton do a tool called RNAV.exe which as far as i know completely removes all versions of NAV up to 2003. (see click here)

However for 2004 there might be a new version or it might be worth trying their remove All Synmantec Apps program.

  Jester2K 11:15 21 Feb 2004

From another forum (not lionked to due to language) i got this...

"i had to reformat and reinstall XP....

So now, I have everything back on and its time to install AV. Well, every time I run the setup it says "Setup failed to run because of an error". What the hell does that mean?

I have tried several things but always get the same message. Anyone know why this could be? It's always installed without a hitch before and nothing is different this time to my knowledge."

Asked "Does it give an error?"

"No, all it says is "Setup failed because of an error". It doesn't even give a code I can look up because its not in a Norton window, its from Windows it looks."

Later comes back and says....

"I went into services.msc and enabled the Telnet service (I had it disabled), and the install now runs and I have AV again. I then disabled it again after the install."

  pr4 12:01 21 Feb 2004

Thanks Jester2K - will give your suggestions a go and see what happens.

  pr4 12:57 21 Feb 2004

Unfortunately none of the previous suggestions worked - I've also had a go at the 'rolling back' problem suggested by Symantec which involved deleting various registry keys relating to Symantec & Live Update. Still no joy.

Anyway, off to the pub now for some quality thinking time!

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