Norton AV 05 upgrade install

  ventanas 08:52 20 Dec 2004

At present have this installed "over the top" of version 2004. I am going to wipe the machine over Xmas and reinstall. I am wondering if this disc, being an upgrade, will install without 2004 (which has expired) going on first.

Does anyone have any ideas?

  mgmcc 11:23 20 Dec 2004

If you are doing a complete "clean" install, it won't know that Norton AV 2004 has been installed before so you can install it again and have another 12 months of updates. In a year's time, you can install 2005 ;)

  Smegs 11:27 20 Dec 2004

What mgmcc is saying is, if you format, there will be NO trace of Norton 2004. You will need to Install 2004 to install 2005. But, when you install 2004, you will have 12mths of updates, till this time 2005.

  ventanas 12:17 20 Dec 2004

Thanks, yes I realise there will be no trace of 2004, but I still don't think it will work, won't it be picked up if I try to activate it that its already had its year? Anyway I want 2005 on. I think I will try 2005 on its own, if it won't install I will have to put 2004 on first. Hopefully I can then put 2005 on top of that without activating it (2004).

Thanks again.

  drbes 15:04 20 Dec 2004

Having had numerous problems with several new computers over the past couple of years, I have had to wipe the hard disk and reinstall everything again numerous times. Every time you reinstall NAV you start a fresh new 12 months of registration when you register it to activate it. I checked on the phone with Norton and they said this does happen and they are aware of it. One way of keeping your subs to a minimum???

  ventanas 15:20 20 Dec 2004

Thank you, at least I now know it can be done, and I can get 2005 installed,

Thanks again.

  ventanas 21:25 30 Dec 2004

If anyone is interested you DO NOT need to install the 2004 version first. The 2005 upgrade disc installed on its own without any problem. So now we know.

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