rotormota 19:27 10 May 2005


On PC boot up every day I have started getting 2 odd Windows boxes appear.

1 is the standard Windows installer box & over this appears another window for NAV2005. The message reads NAV2005 does not support the repair feature. Please uninstall & reinstall.

Well I have tried that but still the same situation at boot up.

Apart from these odd windows the PC is OK & boots up fine.

Any ideas?


  gabriella 20:25 10 May 2005

I've had something similar and unistall/reinstall didn't fix. I'm using XP and restored back to a date when all was well. Is it worth a try?

Gabriella x

  rotormota 20:55 10 May 2005

Good idea but too far down the line now for a GoBack. I am on XP.

The problem started about 3 days ago. Yours? Wonder if it's anything to do with a Norton Liveupdate?

  PAC1 21:25 10 May 2005

This message usually appears when the start menu entries are moved to a different location.

If you move them back the message should disappear.

See the following support document

click here

  rotormota 22:28 10 May 2005

Thank you PAC. Just the ticket. All fixed.


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