Norton Antivirus problem upgrade from ME to XP

  [DELETED] 23:51 30 Sep 2003

Just been trying to help a friend.She went along to PC world to get her Compaq PC upgraded with more memmory and an upgrade from Win ME to Win XP.
Iam told she asked if there would be any problems with already loaded software such as Norton and was told no.
Now the PC has returned she has suffered a few virus problems and now realises Norton isnt running correctly and AUTO protect wouldnt work.We thought well OK we will remove Norton and reinstall it.When trying uninstall ERROR 1606 occurrs.We visited the symantec website and it stated this can happen after upgrading to XP.We then followed the cure by backing up the registry and doing a search for a certain key (if thats the right name) in the registry and deleting each finding.Having done this it was possible to uninstall Norton Antivirus.We were pretty chuffed but on reinstalling having gone pretty far the install stops and something called rollback occurrs due to a problem-we then get a message saying install had failed or words to that affect but nothing to say why.
I dont know anything about XP and she knows even less so was hoping someone might have some pointers.

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