Norton Antivirus

  rins36 19:56 29 Apr 2003

runs out on the 7/5/03 its the one that came installed on the comp when i bought it 2 months ago. I have been on the symantec site & the prices to upgrade are in $'s not £'s, would i be better of installing 2002 that i have on cd already or going out & buying 2003.

If i was on Broadband then i would dload 2003 off the comp but it will take ages with my 56k modem

  PSF 20:06 29 Apr 2003

click here

That is the UK site, If you install the 2002 version you will have 1 years free updates, then you can upgrade it when it runs out next year.

  anchor 20:34 29 Apr 2003

Do you have 2002 already installed?, if so just reinstalling it won`t help. Your PC will still "know" that your subscription is soon running out.

The only way round that hurdle is a reformat of your hard drive, then reinstall Norton. You will then start with a full 12 month entitilement. Drastic, I know.

  rins36 20:56 29 Apr 2003

Thanks both of u for the replies, i will see if a friend has a copy of 2003 that I can install, if not i will install 2002 again

  rins36 20:54 05 May 2003

Been on the Symantec site & to upgrade 2002 that came installed with the new comp will cost me £26.31 for the yr.

As I dont have a credit card I will be paying by chq, but this will take 3 - 4 weeks to process the update.

I have a copy of 2002 on cd that a friend did 4 me off the net. A) do I send the chq & wait 3 - 4 weeks for the process to update my subscription or do I install the cd that my friend gave me?

  citadel 21:15 05 May 2003

I just buy the upgrade version each year it cost about £26 this year and has some new features.

  rins36 21:55 05 May 2003


Thanks for the reply, but if my NAV runs out in 2 days time & the chq is sent 2morrow how will this affect my NAV until they process the update once the chq is received

  muscic lover 01:31 06 May 2003

If you use your friends CD, Symantec are going to know about it. (presuming he has used it)The license Number is given to symantec and they may just come knocking at your door with a law suit for using copied information............ Is it worth it? £26 for 12 months security?? Cheap at the price if you ask me!

  Andsome 08:47 06 May 2003

For pity's sake what is a few quid for a years peace of mind???????? Why risk trouble???

  soy 08:55 06 May 2003

Why don't you give AVG a try. Its free and highly recommended by forum members. click here
I'm using it now after trying PC-cillin and norton and feel its just as good as them but for free.

  korkyB 08:58 06 May 2003

I just renewed my 2002 systemworks subscription and it only cost about a tenner if I remember rightly, cheaper than buying the upgrade.

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