Norton AntiVirus

  dms05 12:23 13 Feb 2006

I've just ordered a new laptop. Nortons Antivirus is pre-loaded. After reading so much adverse comments about Nortons (and how difficult it is to remove) I'd appreciate your thoughts about removong before ever using. Is their a tool that will remove 100% of Norton - like Add/Remove does for well written software. I'd then install my favourite Avast 4Home.

  Belatucadrus 13:07 13 Feb 2006

If you're lucky, preloaded means they've just put the installation .exe on the hard drive and not pre installed it, dumping it will then be easy. If not go to the Symantec website as they have a variety of Rnav tools to tidy up the deletion of various Norton AV packages.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 13:15 13 Feb 2006

Never had a problem uninstalling with add/remove programs, we have 3 rigs of varying spec all using NIS. Try the add/remove option first before using the Norton tool if it will not remove. This is the Norton recommendation.

  Totally-braindead 15:12 13 Feb 2006

I have had problems removing it on several computers, it is a known fault. If you do want to remove it and you try add/remove programs and it doesn't work Symantec have created tools for removing it, but you're recommended to try add/remove programs first as in many cases it works. You have to download the specific tool for the version you have click here

  dms05 10:09 14 Feb 2006

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try removing when my new laptop arrives and I'll report back after I've tried.

  dms05 22:32 14 Feb 2006

The laptop had Nortons antivirus available for loading from a desktop shortcut. This asked for a CD containing the program to be placed in the laptop. I deleted this shortcut and installed Avast 4Home instead.

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