norton antivirus 2006 re installation

  [DELETED] 13:02 29 Apr 2006

To say im disappointed with this product would be understatement since i upgraded from 2003. Its got to the stage where i now have to reinstall. I have uninstalled it in control panel, but keep being told that a version is still there. Anyone else had this problem. Im sooo close to saying bye bye to 30 quid and using another product. Thanks

  [DELETED] 13:08 29 Apr 2006
  [DELETED] 16:10 29 Apr 2006

You might have to use the Norton Uninstall Tool to rid your system of all files. See click here
and search for 'uninstall tool'.

As AV2033 is no longer supported, I updated and upgraded to Norton Internet Security 2006 and have had problems at every stage. after getting through the nightmarish download and installation process, the software runs but seems to drain memory and noticably slow other programs down. Start up takes 3 or 4 times longer than before. I've also had some unstability with strange error messages and system hangs (when using ITunes). I'm also running Zone Alarm Pro and Windows Defender. Live update does not download "Protection Center" - is this because I've disabled Windows Messenger? Will Symantec be fixing any of these issues with what I'm gradually beginning to see as a shoddy product that will greatly affect many many people and lose them most of their future business? Sorry about the rant!

  compumac 17:20 29 Apr 2006

I am in a similar position as you in respect of Norton Internet Security 2006. It has been a nightmare as the e-mail helpline are obviously based in another country and seem at a complete loss to comprehend and resolve the problem despite supplying them with every detail.
I had the problem for three weeks unintstalling and reinstalling in the precise manner as dictated by Symantec. I finally ditched NIS 2006 and installed Norton Personal Firewall 2006. Would you believe it - the same problems there as well. I now give up on Norton/Symantec despite using their products for many years.
Looking through other threads on the subject of internet security it would seem that a firewall is not deemed necessary if one uses ones common sense. I would ask as the interpretation of common sense? What should one avoid doing?

  [DELETED] 17:50 29 Apr 2006

I also recently upgraded from NAV2003 to NAV2006 onto Windows XP Home & happily can report no problems at all. The installation process (on disc) gave clear instructions how to uninstall 2003.I also run Zonealarm (free version)& Winpatrol with no conflict. Best of luck !

  [DELETED] 16:16 30 Apr 2006

Agree totally with the notion that Nortons reputation will go down the bowl. Non stop downloads of norton tools, its like catch twenty bloody two. As Bucket Head says...start up takes an age. Will try and stick with it until renewal time and its always good to hear that some people have no problem with it (btw I dowloaded 2006, didnt use disk)

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