.Norton Antivirus 2002.Anyone know what this means

  Kase 22:13 15 Nov 2004

The following updates have been aborted: IDS program updates has 1 aborted update(s)
Reason: LU1848 couldn't create a callback object.

  VoG II 22:22 15 Nov 2004
  Kase 22:50 15 Nov 2004

Thanks VOG (sorry cannot type the TM part on my Keyboard). I will now go looking for the file if its there!, seams like a common error/fault on reading the knowledge base. It only started after I had renewed my subscribtion with Norton a week ago.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:34 16 Nov 2004

Have you been in touch with Norton?

  Kase 17:44 17 Nov 2004

THE TERMINATOR Hi, Thanks for the reply. No I have not contacted Norton. Do you think they are interested?. I thought this error was like a MS report, not much point in telling them as nothing results. If you think its a positive action I will contact them?. I have found the iralrshl.exe on my system. I have never edited the registry before which Norton in the knowledge base doc suggest I do if I find the file. I also note that Norton states but not in so many words its my problem if I foul up the MS registry. Norton suggest I back up the registry before making any changes. Norton then states if the registry edit does not solve the problem to uninstall and reinstall the product from the product CD (which I have) it is only at this stage Norton Symantec state" you can help Symantec find the cause by submitting a file on line". I will await your reply as I get the feeling perhaps you have had this problem and contacted Norton?. I do not know what the result of having a LU1848 error is or if it stops important parts of the AV working. Norton don't say!.

  Kase 12:08 18 Nov 2004

THE TERMINATOR Further to the above posting on checking the Symantec site to solve this problem I am informed the following: Automated Support Assistant.
Norton Antivirus 2002 is no longer supported. as a result you will not be able to contact a Symantec Representative if you have technical issues with your Software. Please upgrade to the later version. It would seem as usual with Computer Software if you have a problem in most and certainly in this situation you are on your own. This product is only 2 years old but is no longer supported.

  Kase 17:31 18 Nov 2004

I have now resolved my LU1848 problem even though technical support has been withdrawn

  ericdb 19:46 29 Dec 2004

I have the same problem as described above. Can someone tell me how the issue got resolved ?

Many thanks


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