Norton anti virus software on a home network

  Ivor_Monkey 13:54 29 Dec 2003

For sometime I've been running Norton anti-virus software on my 2 pcs (network) without any problem using one annual subscription. But on trying to renew this time, I find that the price has gone up from about £10 (?) to nearly £17 and worse Norton (Symantc) want this amount for each pc. This wasn't the case before. So price has gone up from annual sub of about £10 to £34 and that's even after buying systemworks.

I note that Norton seems to allow users to configure their liveupdates so that one download is made and other pcs access that download, presumably across a network. Has anyone tried this (if so, how is it done?)?


  MichelleC 14:23 29 Dec 2003

I think you can do 1pc via liveupdate and another with intelligent updater (but it's not all that clever).

  961 16:00 29 Dec 2003

If this is for home use why not try AVG for free?

  Gaz 25 16:13 29 Dec 2003

I am afraid, the latest Norton PA, stops a lot of this.

You cannot bypass it, it checks if you are on a network, and if there is Norton installed on a nother system.

Its clever, I had it and it says: There is already a computer using this subscription on the local network.

And stuff.

Use Panda Antivirus. click here


  Ivor_Monkey 17:47 29 Dec 2003

Thanks. I notice that Panda is no cheaper than Norton. It too is designed for stand alone pcs and not for networked pcs, Panda recommends somethign called Panda Global Virus Insurance. I may try their web admin software.

  byfordr 18:53 29 Dec 2003

I think you want Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2004 Professional Edition this has licences for 2 computers.

£15 for OEM version...

click here

  byfordr 18:55 29 Dec 2003

Alternately try looking in click here click here click here you should be able to pick up a normal copy for £30

  Ivor_Monkey 15:23 30 Dec 2003

Thanks. I think you found the answer. One very basic quesiton; what is the differences between the OEM (£15) version and the so-called "normal copy"?
Thanks again

  961 15:27 30 Dec 2003

OEM supposed to be purchased with hardware and no support from Software manufacturer apart from updates. I shouldn't let that bother you

  Ivor_Monkey 15:41 30 Dec 2003

Thanks. I now remember that oem usually comes bundled so no glossy book and box, just a cd case. Seems like a good deal. I've not yet seen any description confirming byfordr's comment that it is licenced for 2 compuers. (I'm sure byfordr is right, but given the way that norton seem to be changing the rules, I'm interested in seeing a full description). Thanks again.

  Steven135 16:15 30 Dec 2003

I have NAV 2004 activated on my desktop and my laptop networked no problem with live update.

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