Norton Anti-Virus - Renew Subscription or Upgrade?

  Gothdj 16:10 04 Aug 2004

Firstly, sorry if this has already been covered. There appears to be a thread on this subject but the link just takes me back to the main Registered Users screen.

ANYWAY, my Norton AV 2003 sub. has expired. The cost of renewal is £16 approx.

Can anyone advise whether I am better off just renewing or should I upgrade the product i.e. Norton AV 2004? When you can buy the upgrade from, say, Amazon for around £18 it seems pointless just to renew the sub. with no product upgrade?

Does the product upgrade definitely include a new 12 month sub. ?

Also, how superior is Norton to the freebie antivirus products like AVI?

Just want to know how best to spend my money!


  xania 16:49 04 Aug 2004

Anything you buy will already be out-of-date, so you'll have to update it, which you will already have done with your current subscription. 2004 has no real advantage over 2003 so, for my money renewal is the easier option. There are also problems uninstalling Norton and installing over the top can also be a little fraught. You will definitely get a fresh 12 months out of your renewal and then, with the software 2 years old it may be worthn considering an update. Let's wait and see. So far as the freebies are concerned, there are many who consider them better value for money but I have my doubts. You tend to get what you pay for, but that's your decision.

  ventanas 16:57 04 Aug 2004

I tend to agree with Xania, that you get what you pay for. Other will no-doubt disagree.

As regards upgrading to 2004. Its probably not worth it because 2005 should be out soon if they are true to form.

If it were me I would use one of the freebies like AVG until 2005 is available and then buy that.

  Gothdj 17:06 04 Aug 2004

Thanks - the advent of 2005 probably explains why AV 2004 is getting cheaper, as retail outlets look to shift the old product.

Is the anti- key-logging/anti-spyware aspect of AV 2004 any good? This is one advance over 2003 that I notice it has. Presume it will be retained in 2005. Can I get this extra functionality from any free software whilst still running Norton 2003?

All helps with the decision!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:10 04 Aug 2004

There are free Antivirus programs on the net that are as good as if not better than the ones you pay for.

Anti Virus :-
Avast4 click here
Antivir click here
AVG antivirus click here

The number of threads regarding problems with and caused by Norton are astronomical.

Don't waste your money!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:31 04 Aug 2004

AVG is as good as Norton and it is free. I have run an alert list of over 90 AVG users for 2 years and there have been no problems at all. You would be mad to pay for an AV or firewall on a home computer.


  BITS&BOBS 18:48 04 Aug 2004

Yes I upgrade the verison every two years and I buy it for £20 on disc from this guy:click here

And with 11000+ positive feedback and everyone I know using software bought from him is there really anywhere else to buy PC softawre from?

  sattman 19:46 04 Aug 2004

If you are happy with Norton, Stay with it. But go for the renewal absolutely no benifit in buying new copy.

  BITS&BOBS 20:29 04 Aug 2004

Must add the link i posted sell's full version of Norton Internet Security 2004 for £17.99!!!!

  end 20:36 04 Aug 2004

I have Norton and intend renewing it shortly; I also run a Trend House call occasionally, just as a "back-up"; I have, so far, no problems with either....but ...choice is yours....

  cga 20:44 04 Aug 2004

I jumped from Norton Internet Security 2002 straight to 2004 when it first came out. My thinking was the same as yours - for almost the same money I can get the new product.

Well, yes it does have some new features but, on the down side, it is a lot more touchy and 'less comfortable' in use than 2002 (dont know about 2003)

I have not really had any serious identifiable problems with it but I regret my decision.

As for the free ones - well I have no particular axe to grind on this. For me it was not an option because I dial into the office and needed a recognised commercial product.

Finally I have to say that, despite any feelings I may have it has done a superb job for me. I manage to stay clean despite regular Trojan SubSeven attacks that are reported a hell knows what else that is not.

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