norton anti virus problem

  Hazzar 20:38 08 Dec 2003

I reformated my hard drive from 98se to 2000,
Before the format I was using Norton 2002 anti virus on which after my first twelve months of
free updates I paid for another twelve months.
This was working fine until reinstalling after the reformat.
Now the live update will not recognize my paid up subscription, telling me it is out of date.
I have tried contacting Norton but they no longer support Norton 2002 (not taken long for that to happen)and they direct me to a website
where I can find no answers.
Help please.

  cycoze 21:02 08 Dec 2003

Are you sure when you installed that the info you supplied was the same as when you last paid / ie email address , home address etc , do you have your customer id etc .

  cycoze 21:15 08 Dec 2003

That should have read , do you have your ORIGINAL customer ID !

You can try sending Symantec an email click here and click on "Subscription Question" this will bring up a support form .

  cycoze 01:48 18 Dec 2003

Date: Wed, 17/12/2003 | 22:13

Thanks for the help.
I used the link you suggested and am now up and running.
Thanks again,

  petersmyth1 03:28 18 Dec 2003

Why bother AVG is as good and it's free. ...Peter

  bretsky 17:32 18 Dec 2003

Know exactly what you mean!!!!

Did you uninstall nav before the reformat? because if you didn't, you will have erased any recollection of subcription dates and will go back to "0" date as if it was a fresh install!

I had the same problem when my pc crashed and was advised to reformat and reinstall the o/s, and when I reinstalled nav oem 2002, my subs was showing expiry date some 6 months to early!!!!!

Spent weeks trying to contact synmantec to no avail and was always directed to the USA page on this subject for the faqs, which was of no use what-so-ever!!!

In the end, I had to resubscribe for a fresh year,even though I still had 6 months to go!

Using win xp home ed sp1 1GB sdram 180HDD Intel 1.8GHz p4 Nvidia graphics Nav 2002oem version

Good luck


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