Norton Anti Virus is annoying me!

  AdventCalendar 00:34 25 Jan 2003

Since Ive installed it, its been getting on my nerves.

It slows the loading of pages, and when the pages do load, certain buttons, and pictures are not there, just a white box with a red cross in them.

I have altered the settings, to the lowest, and the pop up option is turned off...but i must be doign something wrong, because not many other people are complaining.

any ideas???


  obbit 00:38 25 Jan 2003

Hi AdventCalendar .........i have heard that norton is difficult.........get rid and download AVG it's free. just install it and forget it

click here



  Djohn 00:39 25 Jan 2003

Agree with obbit, never have got on with Norton products myself!

  AdventCalendar 00:41 25 Jan 2003

sound....but ive just paid a fair whack for norton??? :-(

  Djohn 00:45 25 Jan 2003

AdventCalendar, ebay maybe! ;o(

  goonerbill 00:50 25 Jan 2003

have nortons av running on winxp pro and all is ok. not sure what is causing ya problem, can only suggest that ya look at symentec's web site and if that is not of any use, try emailing them with as much info you can provide

  « Ravin » 03:25 25 Jan 2003

i've been using norton for 2 years now, with no problems either. what version of norton are you using? i found that nav 2003 is faster than 2002 and doesn't slow the comp that much.

  hoverman 07:26 25 Jan 2003

I also have been using Norton for several years without any problems. At present I have Norton Internet Security 2003 with Windows XP - never had a problem.

  Venus 07:31 25 Jan 2003

I've also used Norton Antivirus for years and had no problems, I trust it to be the best there is (I've tried others and found this to be the best)

  acfc 07:35 25 Jan 2003

I also have used Norton for years and found it excellent, however if you don't like it you can return it to Symantec for a refund within 30 days ~ read the smallprint on the box.

  Andsome 08:16 25 Jan 2003

I understand that if you use XP with Norton, it should be the 2003 version. I have just installed System Tools on a new computer and it is perfect. On my old machine with System tools 2002 I did have to uninstall after the first attempt and have another go, but this can happen with any program. Why not try uninstalling and reinstalling again?

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