Norton Anti Virus 2004

  iscanut 12:55 18 Sep 2003

I use AV 2003 and have recently renewed my subscription to August 2004 re data updates etc. I have just seen that version 2004 has been released. Is it worth me upgrading just for a new search engine or should I say as I am until my sub expires and then upgrade versions.

  Gaz 25 12:56 18 Sep 2003

It is personal preferance, do you want a new scanning engine?

  powerless 20:08 18 Sep 2003

Theres added protection.

  nobrain 20:21 18 Sep 2003

I paid on line to renew mine and it wont take the subscription number !! useless.

  Jester2K II 20:23 18 Sep 2003

Apparently the new NAV 2004 also starts to search for "spyware" too...

But why pay? AVG click here is free.

  Kitz E Kat 20:24 18 Sep 2003

I got the upgrade for 2004, as my sub was just up, and have to say im happy..

I did a scan after i loaded it and it 'found' several files , spyeare, that 2003 did not find.

Also it found a Kazaa file ( i did have kazaa long long time ago!!), Spybot never found it, and kazaabegone never found it...

Your call if its worth it...

Kitz E Kat

  obbit 20:58 18 Sep 2003

i agree with Jester2K II . AVG is good and free and so is anti spyware "ad-aware" and "spybot"

you must have well paid jobs lol

  Jester2K II 21:12 18 Sep 2003

Symantec's Norton AntiVirus? 2004 is the world?s most trusted antivirus solution?. It protects email, instant messages, and other files by automatically removing viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. New built-in features also detect certain non-virus threats such as spyware and keystroke loggers. Protect your PC 24 hours a day with award-winning Norton AntiVirus.

? NEW! Expanded threat detection alerts you to non-virus threats such as spyware and keystroke logging programs.
? NEW! Scans compressed file archives before you open them and risk infecting your computer. (Not available on Windows 98 or Windows Me.)
? Automatically removes viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.
? LiveUpdate? downloads new virus protection updates automatically to protect against the latest threats**.
? Worm Blocking and Script Blocking can detect new threats even before virus protection updates are created for them.

  Jester2K II 15:30 22 Sep 2003

So good its already cracked.....

click here

  powerless 18:46 22 Sep 2003

It's not the PA we want, its, its virus detection that people want.

  expertec 19:34 22 Sep 2003

what's all the ?s for??

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