Norton Anti Virus

  Pau1JB 17:25 29 Jul 2004

hey, i had trouble a sort time ago with norton anti virus.

I got the problem fixed.

But now i have another.

The live update thing has stoppped wroking. It cant get teh catalog file from the website and asks to check the connection to the internet.
But i am connected everything else works.

Also i cant even get onto the website of click here.


any ideas y this is?

  Smegs 17:53 29 Jul 2004

Pau1JB, have you tried uninstalling, then reinstalling??

  Dorsai 18:39 29 Jul 2004

Just tried your link. got straight in.

  Pau1JB 11:54 30 Jul 2004

they solved my other problems, only to give me this problem.

  cherria 12:40 30 Jul 2004

An obvious question, but, you do have a current subscription to live update don't you?

If the answer is yes then, I'm forever having problems with live update myself and the only way to fix these seems to be a complete uninstall and reinstall. Symantec even has instructions on how to 'totally' uninstall Norton telling you various registry keys to delete etc. You may have to go this far.

  Pau1JB 12:53 30 Jul 2004

by current subscription do u mean that its still within the year allowed?

if so then yes.

but dont u think its strange the way i can even go to there site through IE?

  cherria 13:08 30 Jul 2004

I thought I had read that some of the recent viruses could disable your virus software. Could it be that you have a virus that has stopped you getting live updates so that you can't detect it??

If so then you may want to see if you can get to other virus sites such as AVG (click here) or mcafee (click here) and if you can download and run one of these to make sure.

Finally, others may know, but can spyware stop you getting to specific sites?

  Pau1JB 16:53 30 Jul 2004

none of them anti virus sites worked.

so i must have a virus

  cherria 17:15 30 Jul 2004


tricky one that. What you would need to do is manually copy over the latest virus definitions. Do you know anybody else with norton who is able to use live update.

Otherwise I can't thnk of anything other than a full format & rebuild your system.

Perhaps you could give Symantec a call or email and see what they suggest.

Or is there some virus expert out there in the forum who can help you.

  VoG II 17:19 30 Jul 2004

Try running Stinger click here - it might find something.

  Belatucadrus 17:36 30 Jul 2004

Micro world anti virus toolkit click here it's much more comprehensive in what it searches for than stinger, about 4MB download.

click here for the avast free anti virus, I don't think the virus writers have got round to blocking this yet.

Whatever you do though, don't run two Anti Virus simultaneously, seriously bad idea.

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