Norton Anivirus

  mike mccullough 11:55 04 Jul 2005

My antivirus subscription runs out in August. Will i have to pay to renew it, and if so, is it worth it? Please advise.

  jimv7 11:59 04 Jul 2005

Bin it, go for the free avg click here or free avast at click here

  jimv7 12:04 04 Jul 2005

Make sure you disconnect from the net and uninstall norton before you install avg or avast. And update the virus definitions, as soon as you get back on the net.

  mike mccullough 12:08 04 Jul 2005

Thanks Jim,

which is better?

  De Marcus 12:15 04 Jul 2005

Either or, best way to decide is flip a coin :-)

  jimv7 12:25 04 Jul 2005

Try avg first then if you don't like it, go for avast, both do regular updates, personally i prefer avg, but there are many who prefer avast, as De Marcus has said, flip a coin.

  dan11 12:26 04 Jul 2005

NAV2005 came free with my new laptop, with updates for 60 days.

Thats the first thing I got rid of, well that's my personal preferene.

  Completealias 12:28 04 Jul 2005

Using avast here my personal choice offers instant message protection which I believe AVG does not and a peer2peer shield if your into that, also auto updates most days with no intervention on my part.

Another handy feature in it is that you can schedule a boot scan very handy if you've got a file that can't be removed from in windows.

  mike mccullough 14:04 04 Jul 2005

Thanks for your info chaps

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