Norton 360 V4.0 Bizarre start to installation!

  Sapins 18:47 19 Mar 2010

Perhaps this should be in the Beta Forum, but here goes.

I am trying to install the complimentary copy of Norton 360 V4.0. When I select install as per the instructions it opens the Copy Utility on my Epson all in one. If I close the Copy Utility window with the top right cross the screen goes blank.

  sunnystaines 18:56 19 Mar 2010

not seen that problem in their forums. you could try posting there but they take a while to answer

click here

why not try and delete the epsom, put norton on then reinstall the epsom.

  northumbria61 20:02 19 Mar 2010

why not try and delete the epsom, put norton on then reinstall the epsom -

I agree with sunnystaines - that is exactly what I would do - there is obviously a conflict.

  Sapins 22:05 19 Mar 2010

Hi both,

I don't see why I should delete the Epson to install what is supposed to be the finished security programme and then probably find there is a conflict via that route!

I will try to install via My Computer and the CD drive.

Thanks for your input though, much appreciated,



  sunnystaines 08:16 20 Mar 2010

if all else fails it may be your last chance saloon. you should not have to delete the epsom but if it were me i would give it a go.

if you kept your beta's up to date the final norton build is exactly the same as the final build with no changes both are build 127.

also note its a one licence not three as last year.

  Sapins 08:30 20 Mar 2010

As I am busy over the weekend I will leave thing's till next week. I note your comment re one licence, but it does say on the insert sheet that you can install it on one or more computers depending on your service agreement, and over the page it says One User so does that not mean I can put it on both of my machines?, It's a bit ambiguous isn't it?

  sunnystaines 11:15 20 Mar 2010

i was hoping to put on my desktop and laptop, so left it off the laptop as you say it looks a bit confusing at first

  mobileman1953 17:51 20 Mar 2010

what epson is it mine is a epson cx3600 all in one and norton 360 v4 installed no problems, using vista home premium 32 bit

  Sapins 10:40 21 Mar 2010

It's an Epson PHOTO RX620.

I have solved the problem, I connected to Norton's online Live Chat and the technician, after I gave permission for him to remotely operate my computer, installed the programme using the link click here , he said I can use this link if I have to re-install at any time.

I am going to take the opportunity to use the programme for a year and I will try out all the available settings, at the moment I don't think I will be paying out over £50 when my subscription expires, I have been using the free Avast AV and Windows XP Firewall which I will probably stay with.

Thanks to you all for your input, much appreciated,



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