Norton 360 preventing internet access

  geek84 16:56 14 Sep 2010

Hi folks

I have a wireless internet connection at home via virgin media, and recently I added the anti virus software Norton 360 to my desk top. I have always has problems connecting to the internet, only that this problem got worse since adding Norton 360. I rang virgin media today and the guy said the problem is definitely with the Norton 360 and that I need to get rid of it. Of course, if I get rid of it, I will not have any anti virus software on the machine.

Is there any way round it? Do you think Norton 360 is causing me the diffulities connecting to the internet?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  wee eddie 18:50 14 Sep 2010

your Firewall than the AV.

If you had no AV, before installing Norton, are you sure that you have not picked up some Malwear.

If you did have an AV prior to Norton, are you sure that you have done a proper job Uninstalling it.

Perhaps you might download Malwearbytes to another PC, put it on a memory stick and then run it on yours.

  birdface 18:51 14 Sep 2010

Maybe download the Norton removal tool and remove Norton completely.Run C Cleaner then reinstall Norton that would be the quickest way.

  geek84 18:57 14 Sep 2010


I am not sure whether I had an AV prior to installing Norton - I am not very computer literate! How can I check whether or not I did have an AV prior to this installation & how can I rectify the problem?

Thanks in advance for your response.

  wee eddie 20:25 14 Sep 2010

How long have you had the PC?

Who did you buy it from and what model is it?

also, what version of Windows is it running?

and, what version of Norton 360 is it?

We'll get you sorted but there should be plenty of questions before giving you answers that should solve the problem.

It maybe that you had 2 AVs before you added Norton. 1 from Virgin ~ I think that they supply McAfee free of charge, and a Trial version of 1 that came with the PC. Don't chuck the Norton Disk, there's nothing wrong with the Software.

Don't worry, the problem should be soluble with time and application. Meanwhile do nothing until we have some answers from you.

  geek84 19:39 15 Sep 2010

Hi Folks

Just a few more details and hopefully one of you guys could help me out -

1. I bought the desk top in March this year from PC World.

2. I have got windows 7 Home Edition on it.

3. I am not sure if Virgin Media did supply free AV, but the word 'McAfee' does ring a bell!

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.

  birdface 23:50 15 Sep 2010

If you bought it in march you must remember what anti-virus you used before you started using Norton.
maybe click on the start button and type McAfee into the little window at the bottom and press the little magnifying glass to search.
If any programs come up with mcAfee you will need to download the McAfee removal tool to remove them.
I cant remeber the Virgin security name but you will have to do the same with that.

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