Norton 360

  dannyboy38 15:52 20 Sep 2007

I have recently downloaded Norton 360 anitvirus programme onto my PC as my previous Norton was up for renewal. I hav esince had none stop issues and now my PC has died and I am unable to boot it up. I have called a helpline and they say that my hard drive it not being recognised ( maybe a loose wire or possible a complete blow out ) not sure. Do you think that Norton 360 has anything to do with it or am i just an unlcky fella.
I am not the PC / Technically minded so please use normal language and words in your response.
Many Thanks

  birdface 16:22 20 Sep 2007

Try starting in safe mode.Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts,And try last good configuration or system restore.You could also delete Norton if you can get in there.

  dannyboy38 16:32 20 Sep 2007

Thanks. When I access safe mode, what should I do next. Sorry but I am not that good with the technical side. How do I system restore or last configuration? Is it worth deleting Norton then seeing as I have recently paid for it.

  birdface 17:21 20 Sep 2007

Ok.If it starts in safe mode just use your keyboard up down arrows,You will see Last good configuration,Stop on that and press enter.Now you say your Norton was up for renewal.Did you delete it using the Norton Removal tool.or did you install over the top of it.Once again if you can start in safe mode,Just use your up down arrows on keyboard to you see safe mode and press enter.Now I would delete Norton.You will probably have the keycode and you can reinstall it later.

  dannyboy38 17:36 20 Sep 2007

HI. I installed the new Norton 360 over the top of the old Norton so I would assume that during the download, it deleted the old version. I will try what you have told me and let you know. Thanks for the advice

  birdface 18:03 20 Sep 2007

Hi,Just in case we get you started this is the removal tool that you will need to run here can only assume that Norton is your problem,This tool will remove it from your computer,Then you will need to run C here.

  Pineman100 19:05 20 Sep 2007

As dannyboy38 says he's a novice, I hope you won't mind if I just clarify one point.

When you talk about "deleting" Norton, it might be clearer to say "uninstalling". If DB38 starts deleting program files he could end up in a lot of bother!

  birdface 19:40 20 Sep 2007

Hi,You are quite right,Just trying to help until someone else with a bit more savvy would jump in to help.Lets hope he can get it started.The problem would then be getting an anti-virus program started before he connected to the Internet.Will you help him out if he comes back on as I have to go out.Thanks for the advice.

  dannyboy38 10:49 21 Sep 2007

Hi. Thanks for all the advice. I know this might sound petty, but I paid online for the Norton 360 programme which I installed. What would I do about getting a refund if i uninstall it? Obviously the initial phase would be to get my PC up and running again and then deal with the issues from there.

  birdface 00:56 24 Sep 2007

About getting a refund.You could just tell them the facts,That after downloading Norton 360 your computer crashed and you no longer trust it on your computer and you would like a refund,As far as I know they will refund your money if you are not satisfied with the product,But I suppose it all depends on when you downloaded it.Have you had any luck getting your PC up and running again.Going with the silence I fear not.

  dannyboy38 09:00 24 Sep 2007

Hi Buteman. Have not yet got the PC up and running yet. Awaiting the arrival of a new hard-drive and then I will be getting PC World to investigate further for me and see if they can retrieve any data/information from my current hard-drive before installing the new one. Thanks for all the advice and I will look into getting a refund from Norton 360.
Its nice to know that people are so helpful to complete strangers.

Many thanks

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