Norton IS 2012 Beta Test

  rawprawn 17:28 18 Apr 2011

I have just had an mail from Norton asking me to download and test this program. I assume this has nothing to do with the PCA beta testing to which I have agreed to take part. So I should ignore this offer ??

  rawprawn 17:38 18 Apr 2011

I forgot to tick "Subscribe ti this post" So I try again.

  birdface 18:57 18 Apr 2011

Best maybe sticking to the PCA test as you have already agreed to it. For those not using the PCA Norton beta test maybe try here.

link text

  Forum Editor 19:05 18 Apr 2011

The beta software you're being offered is the same as that which we'll test, but our testers will get a free 1 year licence, so if you've signed up for our test (which will start fairly soon) don't use the download link you've received from Symantec - I'll be sending you a special one.

  rawprawn 19:11 18 Apr 2011

Forum Editor Thanks for the answer that clears it up. I guess they just sent the link because I am already using Norton.

  mobileman1953 19:14 18 Apr 2011

had me confused too i will wait for link of fe as i was accepted for trial

  sunnystaines 20:34 18 Apr 2011

looking at the norton beta forum plenty of minor probs, i expect we will get the next build beta to test.

i too got the email from norton but holding back awaiting the pca options. looking forward to it.

  Proclaimer 20:57 18 Apr 2011

Have the PCA Testers been chosen then?

  mobileman1953 16:12 30 Apr 2011

never hard anything about trial has it been held up

  sunnystaines 18:44 30 Apr 2011

i still think norton are waiting for the next beta build before unleashing it on us, too many problems on the first build. perhaps our FE could make a call.

  Strawballs 18:56 30 Apr 2011

That answers a question for me I was only thinking earlier what had happened to the test so I shall just sit tight.

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