Norton 2008 betas available,

  Jimmy14 17:38 21 Aug 2007

If anyone is interested in trying out the Norton 2008 betas then the link is below,

The following products are available for testing,

Norton Internet Security 2008 beta

Norton Antivirus 2008 beta

They work on both Windows XP and Windows Vista, even 64 bit.

click here

  sunny staines 17:48 21 Aug 2007

i thought norton 360 was replacing NIS. has n360 now been abandoned and going back to NIS?

the same happened with "save and restore" that was scrapped and gone back to "ghost 12".

norton betas tend to very buggy.

  Jimmy14 18:11 21 Aug 2007

I reinstall operating systems all the time so I don't mind testing them. I haven't ever heard of them saying they were scrapping NIS after they released Norton 360.

  sunny staines 18:13 21 Aug 2007

jimmy 14

i read some time ago on a norton newsletter that norton 360 would replace systemworks and norton security.

  Jimmy14 22:06 22 Aug 2007

just had Vista crash on me when I tried to select the Network map option on the new NIS 2008 beta :))

  Snec 09:15 23 Aug 2007

Since you install operating systems all the time I'm surprised you would even consider anything *beta* from Norton.

On all the systems you have worked on, have you found Norton works properly and the machines run fast and trouble free?

I'm not being critical, btw, but I'm real curious when someone with computer nous uses Norton.

  Andy1991 09:50 23 Aug 2007

is there a screenshot of it somewhere
(Norton IS 2008)

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