Norton 2007 - is it as bad as it seems?

  zapzaputa 18:02 01 Dec 2006

My Laptop is only a few months old and came bundled with a 90 day Norton 'trial'.

This expired a few days ago so, rather than 'download' an update I went to PC World and bought Norton 2007(£59.99)

No problems with loading it, registering it etc - it all seems to work very well,


It has no pop up blocker, no ad-blocker, no 'Personal Information' protection (Bank details, credit cards, passwords etc)

All in all it appears to be a pretty poor replacement for NIS 2006.

I did think initially that these 'functions' were tucked away inside the various 'Configure' screens but it appears that they are not.

Anyone who has ever tried to negotiate the Symanted 'Help' pages will know that it's a complete waste of time trying to get any help there.

My questions are,

Can I simply uninstall the NIS 2007 version and then install a legal copy of NIS 2006 (I have a legal copy I purchased earlier this year for a now redundant PC)

Bearing in mind that I am proposing to install an earlier version, (ie NIS 2006), am I likely to experience any problems during the uninstall and install processes?

Am I alone in thinking that Norton customer support sucks?

Thanks for reading this far - comments, advice etc will be appreciated.

  Probabilitydrive 18:35 01 Dec 2006

Norton offers a seperate add-on package, which you have to download seperatly. This package contains the missing spam filter...etc..

  Jackcoms 18:38 01 Dec 2006

Why pay anything for your protection?

click here click here click here

And Window XP has a perfectly adequate firewall.

  chocolate cake 20:05 01 Dec 2006

"Window XP has a perfectly adequate firewall."

Hmmm! i don't want to get into a long and protracted debate over the merits of the various AV and spyware programs out there; there has been much of that lately. What I would like to add to this is that, while it is true that Windows has a built in firewall it is only good for stopping incoming. Once anything is in your PC there will be nothing to stop your personal information being sent out.

For a good firewall try either Zone Alarm click here or Kerio click here

  J B 20:39 01 Dec 2006

If you want to keep NIS 2007 this is what you are looking forclick here Apparently the add on is a free download and will integrate with NIS 2007. J.B.

  birdface 21:39 01 Dec 2006

£59.99 you should have shoped around. i think £28.00 was about the lowest that i have seen.

  birdface 21:43 01 Dec 2006

Sorry must have read it wrong, But if you have NIS 2006,You get a free upgrade to 2007.

  birdface 21:48 01 Dec 2006

Yes you want the norton removal tool,While looking for the removal tool , Look for the free upgrade.

  zapzaputa 23:15 01 Dec 2006

Many thanks to all who replied, especially JB who provided a link to the Norton ADD ON

JB you are a top banana - I owe you a drink.

The download was easy and I now have NIS 2007 set up with all the necessary Privacy and Ad Blocking options.

I'm going to go back into the Norton site tomorrow and have another good look at it because I never spotted the ADD ON option - mind you at the time I did have steam coming out of (almost) every orifice.

Without JB's link my Laptop would have 'journeyed' through the window so, once again, many thanks to JB

As to the £59 price tag for NIS 2007 it came bundled with Norton 'Save & Restore' and Norton 'Go Back'. So I suppose that might just make a difference in respect of the £30 options available elsewhere.

Anyways, thanks again (especially JB)

  [email protected] 01:12 02 Dec 2006

phishing, personnal transactions add blocker pop up blocker, root kit are all on add on pack it comes with it and its free, i cant believe you got charged that much for a program that they advertise for less than £30, i would go back and have words, i have just reinstalled it after trying a concoction of freebies because i find it very user friendly and a suite suits my needs thanks adam

  crosstrainer 10:22 02 Dec 2006

I also had a free Norton 90 day trial supplied with my new acer aspire, but it caused nothing but grief... I have been using kapersky 6 which seems fine and gives all the protection you need. I also think that Panda 2007 is good too.

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