Norton 2005 Internet Security and BT Broadband.

  GRANDSON1 15:04 08 Oct 2005

Purchased new laptop from Pc world including Belken Wireless,Norton 2005 connection also broadband from bt, installed the Norton and unable to access internet or e mails until norton removed.
I concerned about virus and pop ups
I had this proplem with works pc a year ago some Canada site sorted it.

  pcbobby 16:30 08 Oct 2005

This may not be much help to you. But my neighbour had the same problem with Norton when she bought a new laptop. Norton appears to be the frequent source of connection problems.
We has to diable Norton and download a free version of AVG.

Other more learned members may have a better solution.

  pcbobby 16:31 08 Oct 2005

Sorry, that should read disable Norton

  Kenneth-266656 16:41 08 Oct 2005

Seems Norton Security rather then Norton Av produces problems. I run Norton Av 2004 and have just gone for another years virus definitions subcription - haven't bother to upgrade as I run Zone Alarm with it. Seems to me that we are possibly over protected as I'm also on BT Broadband - BT Yahoo that is. This also has anti virus checks on the mail. I'm quite happy with things as they are with Norton AV and Zone alarm but then of course it depends on the set up - just seems to suit mine.

  GRANDSON1 18:13 08 Oct 2005

Thanks pc hobby being not very up on all the letters were can i download AVG

  pcbobby 18:39 08 Oct 2005

Click on the website below to download a free copy of AVG. It also scans incoming email.

Please note that it is about 12MB, and depending on your connection, it may take some time to download.

click here

  pcbobby 18:49 08 Oct 2005

PS. If you should decide to use AVG, then you should just DISABLE Norton, and DO NOT UNINSTALL it, as it may invalidate your warranty.

  GRANDSON1 19:26 08 Oct 2005

pcbobby thanks for that i have already found the web site and downloaded it if this is ok i will just have to ignore the norton ive already uninstalled it.
once again thanks

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