Norton 2004 gone crazy

  red dragon 20:24 18 Sep 2004

Hi All
I have reported this problem before and I thought it was resolved.
Norton internet security keeps flashing up external computer trying to access your pc Block.
I have unticked the notify button but they still come up. If I leave me pc on for a few hours....when I come back I have about 30-50 to click block on, and even the ones that have always block ticked still come up.
It is also now asked me to block liveupdate and other programs with the message unrecognised modules.
I have run adaware and all is clear and Norton antivirus has aslo come up clean

Any help greatly received as I have reinstalled several times now to no avail.

Red Dragon

  dewskit 20:38 18 Sep 2004

Yes I have had same problem - Answer was in the latest edition of PC Advisor!

Click Personal Firewall
Click on Configure then select Custom Level
Deselect Enable Access Control Alerts

Suggested that you also deselect
Alert when unused ports are accessed

Did this about an hour ago and have had peace for the first time since installing Norton!

(I assumed that you needed to select this option through the Intrusion Detection feature, but that did nothing at all to help)

Hope it works for you too!


  red dragon 20:43 18 Sep 2004

Many thanks I will give this a try!

  red dragon 11:22 19 Sep 2004

I have done seemed quiet for a while but now its exactly the same, including the live update blocking.

  dewskit 22:57 19 Sep 2004

red dragon

I answered you last evening having just returned from holiday. However checked again this evening and reading your continuing problems I remembered that searching for the answer to the incessant alarms I had visited the Symantec website (www. and in desperation I had downloaded a patch which it claimed made downloading virus updates possible with some installations which would not do this correctly. I personally had experienced no difficulties in that direction, but perhaps this holds the answer to your problem?

Hope this helps


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