Norton 2004

  Rogerthedog 22:32 11 Aug 2004

Have just downloaded this and got rid of all the other antivirus/spyware programs. It downloaded, carried out the scan prior to installation but at the end of the installation I got an error message "Failed to load" any ideas/

  ensonricky 23:30 11 Aug 2004

Have you run previous versions of Norton Anti Virus before?

  Rogerthedog 00:10 12 Aug 2004

No - never had Norton before. I had AVG and was advised that it was rubbish and to buy Norton.

  ensonricky 01:01 12 Aug 2004

At what exact point did you get the error and did you receive any more description of the problem?

  Rogerthedog 08:19 13 Aug 2004

I got the error as soon as it had "finished" installing. Simply said "installation failed"
and asked me if I wanted to retry. Needless to say I retried but got the same message.

  ensonricky 20:43 13 Aug 2004

Try using the removal tool from the Symantec Web site Rnav and try a reinstallation once any existing left overs are removed. Alternatively click here

  stalion 20:46 13 Aug 2004

many members on here use avg if it was rubbish I am sure they would not use it

  bretsky 23:19 13 Aug 2004

Have you tried a registry cleaner because you may have some old reg values left over from AVG.

Plenty of good A/v on the market besides Norton,
Norton seem to have lots of issues of one kind or another and only seems to work well when it has been Preinstalled.{trial version then upgrade}

I bought NAV 2004 pro it was so good I uinstalled it and reinstalled the 2002oem version that came with machine,I now use Panda Titanium 2004, excellent!

Just type in the search engine "antivirus" and you find loads of threads with links to av sites.

bretsky ;0)

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