Norton 2003 and Windows XP

  ivesy 19:37 09 Dec 2003

Does anyone know why when I run the "one button checkup" I keep being told that I have 22 errors in the Windows registry scan. They all relate to "invalid activex/com entries" I keep selecting begin fix but the next time I run it (after a shutdown) I get the same bloody errors again! Is this a major problem? I've only had the PC since September. Any ideas/help would be appreciated!

  Diodorus Siculus 21:25 09 Dec 2003

I am never too sure about Norton Systemworks' ability to scan the registry for problems and prefer the MS regscan program - give that a whirl and see where you get to.

There are a number of registry scanners out there - maybe someone here can suggest one for you.

  ivesy 19:36 10 Dec 2003

Thanks for the replies! I'm a bit frightened of using regedit. SO I'm going to try RegscrubXP. The one button checkup is part of Norton 2003, as well as the registry it looks at the program integrity, short cuts, free disk space etc. I get the same 22 errors every time I boot up. Norton fixes them after I do a scan but as I say when I boot up again there they are again! To be honest there doesn't seem to anything particularly strange happenging though I think Windows XP seems to run slower than previous versions of windows or is that me?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:40 10 Dec 2003

XP runs slower? Maybe, depending on your PC specifications - how much memory (RAM) do you have and what processor?

  ivesy 19:47 10 Dec 2003

I have a p4 2.6 with 512 mb of memory. I read somewhere I think PC advisor that a certain program by Hewlett Packard when you install one of there printers can slow the system down but I can't remember which one! It's noticeable when u open the control panel and the icons take a few seconds to appear, when I log onto AOL i can't type anything for about 30 seconds until the system is ready. This didn't happen when I first started using the PC. I have just used regscrub xp and now Norton reports I have 30 errors! regscrub listed 90 which I cleared then booted up again but as I say I now get 30!!!

  ivesy 20:04 10 Dec 2003

Hurrah! I used Windoctor and that did the trick! No errors Thankyou everybody for your help. What a GREAT service!

  ivesy 12:58 13 Dec 2003

Actually it didn't work! But after contacting Norton I found out that for some reason everytime I connect to AOL it puts entries into the Registry (something to do with the welcome screen) anyway when Norton sees them it can fix or delete these entries but everytime I use AOL they appear again. The advice was to use ignore when these "errors" appear when using NORTON. Hopes this helps anyone else with this problem!

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