Norton 2003 firewall

  Angela-225542 16:21 23 Aug 2003

I have installed Norton anti virus and firewall. Since then, windows messenger signs me in and out a few times before remaining signed out. When i try to sign in it says invalid password or sign in name. However if I go to click here I can sign in. I am also having problems with the windows update service which always says cannot connect. Is this due to firewall or X.P????????

  citadel 18:05 23 Aug 2003

when I first installed norton firewall and used microsoft update, the firewall gave an on screen message saying it had auto created rules for microsoft. I have had no trouble downloading microsoft stuff.

  kingkenny 18:29 23 Aug 2003

Norton would inform you if it had a problem with Messenger signing in and ask you what to do, that is if you have asked it to notify you.

if you go into the Norton Firewall and ask it to do a program scan and then check the rules it has assigned to Messenger to see it that is the problem. Wouldn't think so though if it then lets you sign in by different means and lets you stay in. The traffic is still going the same way and Norton would pick it up again if it had a problem with it.

  S5W 18:31 23 Aug 2003

Windows update has been playing hard to get recently. The following brings it up for me:
click here apparently the https rather than http makes a difference. Happy hunting.

  Angela-225542 18:50 23 Aug 2003

Thanks for the tips! My probs are now increasing as the firewall is disabled and I cannot access it at all!?

  Jester2K II 19:13 23 Aug 2003

I cannot get into my firewall, it has been disabled. If I go to 'options' it says access denied only the supervisor can access. Can anyone help?

  feb 19:51 23 Aug 2003

try here:
click here

  the lone cloner 22:36 23 Aug 2003

have you disabled any existing firewall? what is your os!

  the lone cloner 22:40 23 Aug 2003

I ment have you kept up todate with patches?

  Angela-225542 23:12 23 Aug 2003

No I will try that, Thanks!

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