jack 18:17 27 Aug 2004

Norton 2002 has been my virus killer since
er er 2002
As part of the Norton Works disc it has been in and out as I have altered the the maschine from time to time, and it works fine -I thought.
Today live update said 'could not complete live update' and invited be to look at 'details'
So I did The massage saide in an abbreviated form - This is Win 98 and you are NTFS

So does this mean then I gave go and spend more beer tokens?

  andrew-194461 20:46 30 Aug 2004

I don't know but I just went to norton 2004 (prof) - and within moments it told me I was out of date with virus definitions - so tried live update which didn't but I did eventually read the little messages prompting me to do something and found a way through. The suggestion seemed to be that I had got something that stopped the update but following the instructions now all works. Basically the old update was removed and a new one put in which made it all work.

I can't remeber what it siad at the moment but if you get a chance to respond in the next few days I'll look uo what I had to do and pass it on

  cga 20:52 30 Aug 2004

Which OS are you using? Clearly Norton as got it's kn*****s in a knot because it thinks you are running under W98 but with an NTFS file system.

If you are W98 then you need to find why it thinks you have an NTFS file system (do you have dual boot with an NTFS partition)

If you are NT, XP etc. then you need to find why Norton thinks you are W98. Check properties, compatability.

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