[DELETED] 22:20 26 Aug 2003

my pc has become sluggish. it doesnt need 2002 says its virus free.

i just got message in sys.tray saying my virtual mem is becomming free so i put default settings back(it was lower before)

now norton is telling me i need virus updates but when i run it it says they're up to date.

win XP, 768MB of SDram

am i bugged?

  xania 19:59 27 Aug 2003

Sounds to me that your system is getting a bit tired. I would think about a re-installation. At times like this, I thank my lucky starts that I took a full backup of my system just after I intalled it - I can get a clean system back in less than 10 minutes.

  [DELETED] 20:16 27 Aug 2003

xania has it, reinstall your OS and make a backup if that is what you atre going to do, using Norton Ghost or simalar,

However you may need more memory, 256Mb is minimum, aim for 512Mb!

Have you the Q811493 update Maybe 81493, not sure?

If you have REMOVE IT, it will make your system sluggish.

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