Nortn Ghost 9.0 - any advise pls

  Diggory 20:04 14 Jun 2005

Some advice pls - have bought a second HDD (Seagate 120GB SATA, same as source HDD), LG4263 DVD/CD writer and Norton Ghost9.0. Plan was to back-up my data to second HDD + to DVD (RAM) as belt & braces. Having now seen that I can image the entire HDD (OS & all) I am wondering if I should do this.

1. Is it easy to image the HDD to a second SATA

2. Norton suggests that you should not format / partition new HDD – does this work okay

3. I have got 4 partitions on source HDD – will this cause grief

4. Can I do an incremental HDD image

5. Can the imaged HHD just sit there as non boot drive

6. Any SP2 issues (XP Pro)



  mattyc_92 20:09 14 Jun 2005

1) Yes

2) Please explain more what you mean

3) No

4) Yes, provided that the media is Re-Writable like the partition or re-writable DVD-RAMs/DVD-RWs

5) Yes

6) Not as I know of, but I have stopped using Ghost and gone onto Acronis True Image

  keith-236785 21:39 14 Jun 2005

6) i use ghost 9 with XP Pro & SP2, i dont have any problems with it.

i recently re-installed winxp from scratch, once set up i made a Ghost image, within three weeks i had used the image to recover from a problem, so in my eyes YES it is well worth creating an image.

where you choose to store it is up to you, in my case it is a dvd, but there is no reason not to use a H/D partition.

  Diggory 08:27 15 Jun 2005

Both - thanks for advice.

mattyc_92 - re Q2, just surprised to read in gde that when you fit new HDD you are ready to go, do not format !

SATA: Am I right in thinking that HDD imaging should be easier as no need to worry about the master / slave bit - just need to identify boot disk in bios

SP2 thing is a bit confussing - looked on the Symantec support site and found an SP2 fix. Searched the forum and cant find any refs to problems.



  mattyc_92 09:16 15 Jun 2005

Ok so question 2 is:

You CAN format a new drive if you wish, but you can restore the partition onto it without formatting, so short answer is "Up to you"

  Ancient Learner 13:27 15 Jun 2005

I use Ghost 9 with varying degrees of success.

I have 2HDs each with 4 partitions. One partition on each is for Ghost images of 3 drives from the other HD. These I auto programme as incrementals quite OK.

However my 'C' drive content is over 10GBs and that needs 2 DVDs to do it that way. One DVD is works fine, butthe second just will not. Have a look at my threads at click here. I am still waitin for Symantec to tell me how to do it, dispite reminding them only yesterday.

  CurlyWhirly 14:14 15 Jun 2005

[QUOTE]You CAN format a new drive if you wish, but you can restore the partition onto it without formatting, so short answer is "Up to you"[/QUOTE]

I didn't know this as I always thought that you had to format a new hard drive first!
That's handy to know.

  mattyc_92 19:48 15 Jun 2005

Thats right... As the imaging software does a "quick" format or just does that "delete" partitions instead, so there is no real need to format. But I do as it intends to help the system's performance for one reason or another... lol

  Diggory 08:45 16 Jun 2005

Guys - thanks.

Ancient Learner - I have read your threads, all I can say is that I wish I had not unwrapped the software or I would send it back (doh!) & then the link........ D:-(

I suspect that after having paid >£30 (grumble grumble) I will press on with fingers crossed. That said, I will fit the LG4163 drive and take some copies of my personal data to DVD RAM before I start messing about with Ghost9.0 - just in case.

Just a thought - when I built the PC I looked at the MOBO RAID instructions and thought yeah, yeah do that later – hindsight. If I bought a third HDD (ie 2xnew identical SATAs)could I image on to a Raid1 array ........& make Ghost9.0 redundant.


PS: (How do you do links in these posts ?)

  Brian-336451 08:51 16 Jun 2005

Just copy and paste the relevant URL into this window when you type - that'll be your link

  Diggory 08:16 17 Jun 2005


was meaning the hyper-linked words like "click here" where the URL is not shown (unless you hover over it)


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