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Northbridge fan on my MSI K8N SLI Platinum 939

  Bailey08787 17:50 15 Dec 2005

......has started failing.

It keeps slowing to a crawl, and it is clear that its struggling to rotate. I'm alerted by the loud whirring noise it begins to make.

I can't see anything obstructing it.

What do I do??

  Belatucadrus 21:17 15 Dec 2005
  Bailey08787 17:30 27 Apr 2006

is it dangerous to have the pc running without the northbridge fan working? mine has recently died completely

  Belatucadrus 17:46 27 Apr 2006

"is it dangerous to have the pc running without the northbridge fan working?"

Not perhaps as potentially terminal as trying to run with a dead CPU fan, but definitely still a very bad idea. Replace it with a new fan or suitable passive heatsink as quickly as possible.

  Bailey08787 16:54 04 May 2006

i've now bought a replacement, but can't get the damn original off.

It has push pins either side of the fan that attach it to the mobo. I've tried pushing them down but that doesn't do anything.

I fear that I need to release the fan from the other side, which would mean having to take the whole mobo out of the case :-/

  Bailey08787 17:16 04 May 2006

yeah I've bought the blue Northbridge Zalman heatsink.

I thought about trying to cut the pushpin springs off, but I'm not too sure of the right tool for the job - i think i'll look for a pair of pliers with sharp edges or something - access isn't particularly easy

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