Northbridge cooling

  vaughan007 15:38 29 Jun 2005

The heatsink on my Northbridge chipset can best be described as rubbish!...

...and I am pretty sure that this is causing some instabilities when I put the PC under a lot of load for a relatively long time (The heat sink actually feels hot to touch)...its a tiny pitiful heatsink that probably achieves very little in terms of cooling.

I have a foxconn motherboard (P4 3.2Ghz).

How difficult is it to replace the Northbridge cooler with a better one?

Is there anything I should know before undertaking this upgrade?

What is the best UK supplier of Northbridge coolers?

Would it be possible to position a fan of some sort blowing straight onto the Northbridge heatsink? it just better and easier to replace the heatsink with a better one (with a fan)?

And just to make sure I am talking about the Northrbidge chipset it is the one illustrated in the picture at this link?...

click here


  Belatucadrus 17:34 29 Jun 2005

click here Passive cooler.
click here alternative ( Fan not included )
click here Fan cooler

  radi8or 17:35 29 Jun 2005

Hi vaughan007

Depending on how how your N/Bridge is attached ie holes through mobo or some sort of adhesive
have a look at these click here

I have three computers with gigabyte mobo's and have replaced the fan type N/B cooler with these,
less noise.

Hope this helps, regards Bob

  radi8or 17:39 29 Jun 2005


D'oh, I really must brush up my typing.

Regards Bob

  radi8or 17:45 29 Jun 2005


Apologies,scroll almost to bottom of page.

Regards Bob

  vaughan007 19:23 29 Jun 2005

Just bought one of those trendy blue Akasa ones off Ebay for 4.50...bit of a bargain I thought as it was brand new.

Just one is it best to remove the old heatsink?

I have been told to heat it up with a hair drier so the hint sink comes off easily enough and then carefully clean the chipset with nail polish remover.

Is this right?

Thanks :-)

  Belatucadrus 21:16 29 Jun 2005

Assuming the picture is your MOBO, once you've got the clips undone the heatsink will probably come straight off. Nail polish remover not the best option as many of them contain lanolin and other conditioning agents. Use isopropyl alcohol if you can get it or heatsink cleaner click here .
You'll only really need this if the original heatsink had any thermal compound under it. Some do, some don't.
What to do next depends on the new heatsink as it may come with thermal compound, if it does remember to use very sparingly. Its only supposed to fill gaps and surface voids, ladling it on thick is counter-productive.

  vaughan007 01:00 30 Jun 2005

Thanks everyone.

I am much clearer on what I need to do now.

The heatsink/fan I have bought comes with a self adhesive sticky thingy on it which says no need for thermal compound and u just stick it on basically and dont even have to screw it to the mobo. So I guess its pretty much micky mouse to fit it!

Thanks you ever so much for your advice.


  vaughan007 01:02 30 Jun 2005

I can get vast quantities of isopropyl alcohol...I have some good mates who work in a chemistry that should save me a few quid :-)

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