Northbridge "Cooler" Broken

  ajm 14:09 17 Aug 2006

Was doing a little tidying up and decided to clean the inside of the PC. Opned the case and started using a handheld vacum clener to clen the hands slipped and i think the cooler that is on the northbridge has broken off.
I am waiting for a friend to come and have a look and intall it back on for me.. I havent have a clue how to fix it back on...

in the meantime, is it safe to turn the pc on and work on it or not?

  keef66 14:21 17 Aug 2006

I wouldn't risk it. If the motherboard manufacturer thinks the NB needs cooling, it probably does.

Is it a little fan, or a passive metal heatsink? If the latter, some are simply glued to the chip itself using thermal adhesive and can't be removed without risk of damaging the chip.

Are you sure you haven't knocked anything else off?

  ajm 14:24 17 Aug 2006

Its a metal heatsink. This was attached by two clips. One on the clips became loose and came of..Hence the heatsink as well.
As my fingers are large and clumsy...i do not want to risk putting it back myself and have asked a friend to come...but dont know when he is able to do that....

I am positive that I have not knocked off anything else......

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