Cretin07 16:32 18 Nov 2003

Hi a quick question. i would like to know what the northbridge does on the mobo to make it need cooling, as i know the southbridge doesnt need cooling at all. and when buying mobos what shoould i look out for in terms of northbridge etc. thanks in advance to you all. Cretin07

  alcudia 16:37 18 Nov 2003

The Northbridge needs cooling because that's where the processor is. The Southbridge is mostly expansion slots.

It's actually the processor that's cooled not the m/b.

As regards what to look out for. One that takes the type of processor you want.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:38 18 Nov 2003

from: click here


Northbridge is an Intel chipset that communicates with the computer processor and controls interaction with memory, the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus, Level 2 cache, and all Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) activities. Northbridge communicates with the processor using the frontside bus (FSB). Northbridge is one part of a two-part chipset called Northbridge/Southbridge. Southbridge handles the input/output (I/O) functions of the chipset.

The Intel Hub Architecture (IHA) has replaced the Northbridge/Southbridge chipset. The IHA chipset also has two parts: the Graphics and AGP Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) and the I/O Controller Hub (ICH). The IHA architecture is used in Intel's 800 series chipsets, which is the first chipset architecture to move away from the Northbridge/Southbridge design.


Sorry I don't know the practicalities of it all.

  Cretin07 16:44 18 Nov 2003

yes i was along the lines of that. the southbridge is not needed for cooling i thought because it uses simple processes and doesnt genereate much heat. and alcudia the northbridge is a seperate chip and not the processor at all. i was wondering that because the chip, southbridge does the IO things, then what does the northbridge chip do so great that it has to be cooled. Thanks all.

  Jester2K II 16:45 18 Nov 2003

Some times there are extra fans on the Northbridge chipset (as well as the processor) click here

  Jester2K II 16:46 18 Nov 2003

See also this click here photo. The smaller cooler in the foreground is on the Northbridge chipset..

  alcudia 16:50 18 Nov 2003

Yeb. I've seen m/b cooling before, on servers. Perhaps it will become more common as power requirements rise.

  Cretin07 16:52 18 Nov 2003

yes, some require fans and some require only a heatsink, which i have atm.

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