norman scan showing damaged dll's

  tranceman 16:49 14 Aug 2003

when i run a virus check with NORMAN it keeps coming up with 2 "damaged files" these are as follows ;
do i need to fix these and how can i do it ?
I have no problems with my pc so can i ignore these.

  hugh-265156 02:12 15 Aug 2003

i have checked google for txppro.dll and Msnell16.dll and it gives no results.i also had a look in my own system and system32 folders for these and found nothing even similar sorry.

are you sure that this is the the exact error?

  -pops- 06:49 15 Aug 2003

Is your machine working OK?

If yes, forget about these messages.

I'm not familiar with NORMAN but I thought it was its function to check for viruses, not missing dll's.

If it ain't broke - - - - -

  Wes Tam ;-) 07:05 15 Aug 2003

I've checked the dll download site click here and yours are not listed.

Agree with -pops- "If it ain't broke - - - - - "

  tranceman 10:30 16 Aug 2003

i have done a lot off surfing on this and have found nothing but i'll take the advice "if it ain't broke-------" but if i do find anything on it i will post it here.cheers

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