Is this normal for wifi repeaters?

  BrianChilds 18:13 19 Nov 2014

I have a BT HomeHub3 in my house I have added two repeaters like these sold on eBay:

click here give me a better wifi signal throughout the house. What I think I am seeing is if I move to a room too far away for the BT router but close to a repeater the signal is low. If I now disconnect my wifi (on the smart-phone for example) and reconnect I get a much better signal.

What I assume is happening is that the phone is re-connecting to the closest repeater and not the BT router. Is this the case and is it normal? My SSID from the BT router is, say, BTHomeHub-me (not it's real SSID!). When I setup the repeaters it takes the BT SSID and I set it up to send out the SAME SSID, is this right? I assumed (yes I know - makes an ass of U and Me) my phone would 'hop' between the same SSID repeater (or broadcaster).

Help or guidance would be appreciated.

Cheers, Brian


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