Is this a normal?

  GlynH 17:08 06 Aug 2004

Hello All,

I have Win XP Home edition on my computer.

Whilst playing a game (Enemy Territory) it crashed. Because when it crashes it makes the colours on the desktop go funny, I re-boot and everything is back to normal. This, I think is a problem with my graphics card.

After re-booting, which went normally, I loaded the game up again, and after 20 mins it crashed again, so I re-booted. This time however it got past the POST, but didn't make it to the black screen with the windows logo on it and the moving green bar,well I think it didn't I wasn't paying that much attention as I was expecting it to boot normally.

Anyway, it re-booted itself and this time I got a black screen with a page of writing. It said something along the lines of :
"We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this....."
"this may be due to this or that problem..."
"Please select one of the start up options.... Safe mode, Safe mode with networking etc etc..."

It had a countdown timer at the bottom. I selected 'Start Windows Normally' which it did without a problem.
(Sorry I can't remember all the text)

Is this normal? Or has my computer been infected with a virus or something. it's never happened before (suppose there's a first time for everything) though it just seems a little odd.

Hope someone can shed some light on this.



  VoG II 17:10 06 Aug 2004

Normal - when Windows finds a problem on booting it offers you that menu, with the timer.

  woodchip 17:19 06 Aug 2004

Your computer is hogging too many resources, You need to stop items running at Boot. see what is running and post back hear type MSCONFIG in the Run box and go look at the start tab to see what as a tick in the box

  zootmo 17:48 06 Aug 2004

You can also stop programs running by right clicking on their icons in the system tray and selecting exit. This will only stop them until a reboot, you can stop them running with msconfig, be careful what you stop mind, some of the running processes are those that windows needs to run.

Have a look at the task manager to see what resources you have available to run the game it's a good idea to disconnect from the Internet and shutdown A/v and firewall if the game is resource hungry. Don't forget the computer is still allocating resources to these all of the time you are connected to the net!

For goodness sake remember to start the A/v & firewall when you go online again.

  rickf 18:21 06 Aug 2004

This is a bit of a concidence but I suspect the card is on its way out. It just happened to a friend of mine with an FX5700. It was ok the night before when he was playing soldat. The next morning when he turned it on, the computer would not boot up but showed strips of colours, a bit like the old TV test cards. Anyway the card is knackered as it did the same on another comp. Its now back on warranty.

  christmascracker 18:51 06 Aug 2004

What graphics card do you have?

  GlynH 19:09 06 Aug 2004

Thanx all,

As long as the re-boot page was what should be expected then thats that question resolved.

About my card, it's a PCI Radeon 9000 - not the best. My thoughts are that it is overheating, but I also play MS FS which is very graphics intensive and have no problem. Looks like some more cooling could be the answer and a new card.

Mind you I think a new Mobo with an AGP slot would be the best step.

The one thing I would like to do is to know which processes can be turned off constantly, as I've heard some are not needed - any help there?



  christmascracker 19:16 06 Aug 2004

Have a look here

click here

I always shut down any antivirus/firewall when playing games too

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