noob that needs pc advice please

  Mll2 04:08 28 Apr 2019

i dont know anything about pc so can some tell me if this is reasonable

Processor- ryzen 5 1600x Graphics- Gtx 1060 3gb Ram- 8gb HDD- 1 Tb

  Menzie 04:30 28 Apr 2019

It's okay, the CPU is solid but the video card is the letdown (although not bad). The graphics performance is decent but having only 3GB of Video RAM will limit certain games in the future. If you could get a 6GB version of the 1060 that would be more future proof.

As is for 1080p gaming this system would be alright and it will leave room to upgrade in the future.

What's the exact budget that you have for a PC? Does your budget include a mouse and keyboard or do you already have those available?

  Mll2 04:32 28 Apr 2019


  Mll2 04:39 28 Apr 2019

and yes i have taken a mouse and monitor in account

  Menzie 05:00 28 Apr 2019

If you're getting those specs for within budget that is very good. Looking at most PC vendor websites and assuming you're in the US most prebuilts around that price have a slower CPU and/or GPU.

Just in case, if you're buying a used system, please note that you will have a very limited warranty. New PCs these days come with around 2 years of warranty should any issues arise.

If purchased from a reputable seller however you can get a system that has plenty of life left.

Some important things not mentioned in your listed specs are the type of motherboard and the power supply unit. Both of these are of paramount importance for future upgrades and the reliability of your system.

  wee eddie 12:13 28 Apr 2019

As a matter of interest: What are you expecting this PC to be able to do?

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