NOOB HELP Please: R7 240 instalation

  Neil Patterson-Azzopardi 14:04 08 Apr 2018

Bought the above card, now trying to install it. Seems to be a catch 22 situation. I have a M90 Lenovo SFF running Win10 64bit hence the reason the choice as advised on another forum, whose moderators quite frankly are oxygen thieves.

  1. New card only fits when only HDMI & DVI sockets are fitted, great, job done.
  2. Try to install drivers, can't do that cos card not installed in machine.
  3. Install card in machine via HDMI, nothing shows on monitor so dont know if drivers are installing.
  4. revert back to old card uninstall all remnants of NVIDIA so now only using basic MS driver.
  5. Try to install new card again, & we're back to step 3.
  6. try to boot up machine using onboard graphics (by altering BIOS), will only use old graphics card.

Conclusion: Can't install new card cos monitor wont work without drivers, put old back in & can't install drivers for new card. *

As mentioned I'm a relative noob to this, so is there something really simple I'm taking for granted & missing?

  difarn 16:27 10 Apr 2018

Have you tried installing the new drivers before you take the old card out then disabling the drivers of the old card?

Having done that have you tried powering down the PC and disconnecting the monitor before opening up the PC case? When you have fitted in the card have you checked that the HDMI lead is connected to the new card (if you have more than one option)?

I assume thave you have a CD with the new card. After connecting the monitor and booting the PC does anything appear on the screen after you insert the driver CD for the new card?

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