None of my devices can detect any external HDD

  BorisDujmenovic 22:27 13 Nov 2014

I have around 10 external HDDs, some I use for Wii games, some for PS3 games. They are not originally external, usually taken out from PC or Laptop. Various producers (WD, Seagate...) This morning I played GTA V using one of them. I use cables for SATA/ATA HDD (adapter and the USB cable) I bought new ones few days ago so I don't think connection is problem. Besides you can hear them spinning and PC pops up message about a usb malfunctioning and in Driver Manager it shows Unkown device until I unplug it. Problem started when PS3 couldn't load HDD. It shows USB icon like it's trying to load but it's gone and it doesn't load any files. I tried other HDDs (that haven't been ever plugged in laptop or PS3) using my main PC with windows xp SP3 and Norton Antivirus 2014. It doesn't load at all. Disk management also doesn't load. All devices load USB sticks without problem. But suddenly none of these HDDs can be detected (even in Seatools) and I don't see a connection between these HDDs, like how did they all out of sudden start behaving like this.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:17 14 Nov 2014

Use USN Drive clean to clear the registry of old drive info

click here drives should ten be recognised when plugged back in.


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