Non-wireless modem

  The Bard 09:09 08 Aug 2014

My existing router is faulty and, as I do not need wireless, I want a fast, reliable hard-wired modem.

Any recommendations please?

  onthelimit1 10:13 08 Aug 2014

If the existing one is a router, does it connect to a modem? If not, you need a modem router such as this netgear, as an example.

  onthelimit1 10:16 08 Aug 2014

Whoops, posted too soon. What I was going to add was that the choice of wireless routers is greater than pure wired ones, and the prices are similar. I would therefore suggest that you don't rule out a wireless version.

  wee eddie 11:50 08 Aug 2014

It could be worth contacting your ISP.

They might provide a replacement, for free. Then, just turn the Wireless Signal off!

  alanrwood 16:39 09 Aug 2014

No advantage in a purely wired modem/router. They are no cheaper, if you can find one, and you can just switch the wireless off if you don't need it. If you get a smartphone or a Kindle etc then you must use wireless so best to have it available in case of future need.

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