Non valid system disk

  DUMBNUT 23:11 23 Jan 2005

I'm trying to sort this on my sisters pc, she's running xp & i seem to be in a loop, (safe mode wont work) safe mode keeps on asking me for repair (again wont work) & when i ask for new instalitiation, it sends me round the houses again!.

any info would be much appreciated!.

many thanks


  Djohn 23:16 23 Jan 2005

Have you tried Safe mode with networking? its one of the options offered in XP and the one to choose.

  DUMBNUT 23:19 23 Jan 2005

I'm unable to acess the safe mode Djohn, hence the post. sorry.

  DUMBNUT 23:21 23 Jan 2005

The only way i can gain acess is to enter the bios (a,c,cdrom etc)

  Djohn 23:25 23 Jan 2005

What happens when you boot up DUMBNUT? Is the PC loading windows at all or does it just take you to the command prompt with the options? Or are you seeing only the message of invalid system disk on booting, if so have you checked for the obvious thing such as a floppy left in the drive or if set to boot from an optical drive first, a CD left in one of the drives?

  Djohn 23:26 23 Jan 2005

X post there, I forgot to refresh and missed your post above.

  DUMBNUT 23:31 23 Jan 2005

I'm getting the run araound. I've definately not left anything in any of the drives. We are currently doing a clean Reinstall (again) Status bar show 34 mins to go, This is the 3rd we have reached this far!. Will keep you posted thanks Dumbnut

  Djohn 23:45 23 Jan 2005

I will be up for about another hour yet so please post back if this install doesn't work. I'll see if I can help, but there should be other members on-line who will advise if not.

If the install does not work will you please tell us how you are doing it and if your using a full XP disk or recovery disk as this will help anyone who reads the thread.

  DUMBNUT 00:01 24 Jan 2005

Thanks Djohn, i've no idea what i done, but your input helped.


  Djohn 00:02 24 Jan 2005

I'm pleased it did, even though we don't know why! ;o)

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