Non-uptake of pre-installed OS

  Countryreverie 22:59 14 Jan 2004

Does anyone know the saving to be had by not taking on a pre-installed OS specifically XP? What is the procedure to decline it?

  VoG II 23:05 14 Jan 2004

Don't know, sorry, but I'm interested in this so I am adding to "My Postings".

You buy a 'puter with no O/S. What do you do when you get it home?

  hugh-265156 23:10 14 Jan 2004

if you purchase an off the shelf pc nowdays most manufacturers will have a pre installed OS with a recovery diskette and or some form of restore cdrom.

some do supply a full copy of windows but it costs them more to supply this so are few and far between.

i dont think you can refuse the pre installed OS but most will be happy to sell you a full copy of xp etc if you wish to pay for it.

the only problem with pre installed OS in my opinion is that they are mostly tied to that particular computer so if you upgrade the motherboard or if you just have a diskette and upgrade the hard drive you will then need to buy a full copy of xp.(you can tattoo the new hard drive sometimes)

  Countryreverie 23:13 14 Jan 2004

I believe that you don't have to take up the licence on a pre-intalled OS.You can delete it and re-install your old one, in my case 98SE which works fine for me and I'm not in to using the latest technology unless I need it.Consequently you can get a refund. It's not as much as you'd pay for the boxed OS off the shelf but it's something significant.

  Flaco 23:16 14 Jan 2004

the savings would not be large. I bought an OEM version of XP home (after shopping around) for £55. And an OEM version is exactly what a PC supplier would use to pre-install the OS.

My assumption is that they would only discount your system by an amount equal to the cost price to them for the OEM version. Let's take a guess at £40.00.

  Flaco 23:22 14 Jan 2004

A valid reason for not upgrading to XP would be if you have a number of healthy and trusted peripherals (e.g. printer, scanner) which you know are just not going to be compatible with XP.

There are quite few people who could have this problem.

  DieSse 23:28 14 Jan 2004

Why did you buy a system with it on then?

I wouldn't think the supplier would be inclined to give you any rebate if you bought their standard product, and afterwards say you don't want it all. You should have negotiated this first IMHO.

You could always contact Microsoft and say you don't want to accept their licence - and see what they have to say.

If I were the supplier, I'd be inclined to want irrevocable proof that you had removed the OS, destroyed any copies you could have made, and returned any media in unused condition - and I'd probably want to charge you for that, in order that I could guarantee that I could resell the licence - the cost of which would probably be more than the price you paid. The system has probably even got an unreusable sticker on it with the licence number, which will be literally useless.

Sorry to be so negative - I just think you shouldn't have bought it.

  DieSse 23:29 14 Jan 2004

"You buy a 'puter with no O/S. What do you do when you get it home?"

Why you install an OS, of course - which doesn't even have to be an MS one - shock horror etc!

  VoG II 23:35 14 Jan 2004


  DieSse 23:42 14 Jan 2004

Er - how what?

  VoG II 23:45 14 Jan 2004

How do you install an operating system on a 'puter that doesn't have one.

I am thick but would like to know.

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