Non-System Disk or Disk error

  Hangus 07:50 08 Oct 2008

I have an Advent desktop pc with win xp. I was having problems with continuous crashes of my web browser. I tried to restore to an earlier time when I knew it was ok. During the restore process it shut down and restsrted. At that point it came up with a message that an error had occurred and a full system recovery would be necessary. I inserted the recovery cd that came with the pc. It seemed to be going ok until it went into a loop re-booting and coming up with a screen thet said "Non-System disk or Disk Error. Press any key to continue" At which point it re boots to the same point. I am unable to do anything with this at all. I have tried cleaning the cd, but it is the first time it has been used so it should be ok. I have no other disks. Does this mean my hard drive is broken? Any ideas how I get out of this loop?

  crosstrainer 08:05 08 Oct 2008

Try this:

Boot with the restore CD in the drive, let it do it's thing, but BEFORE it re-starts remove the cd from the drive.

  rawprawn 08:06 08 Oct 2008

Have you left a Floppy disc in the drive, are your BIOS set to boot from CD

A. Non-System Disk or Disk Error results when the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) cannot find the boot sector or the master boot record is missing or damaged; i.e. the device does not have bootable media. The BIOS searches drives in the order usually specified in the CMOS Setup. This order is often, but not always, A: (floppy drive), C: (first partition on the hard disk)… The error will occur during startup if the CMOS is set so the BIOS seeks the floppy drive first and a non-bootable (or blank) floppy is in (was left in) the floppy drive. Other causes include:

No bootable partition on a hard disk drive
A defective hard disk drive
The CMOS drive settings (parameters) are not correct for the boot device
Defective floppy
Defective floppy drive
A virus

  Hangus 08:14 08 Oct 2008

It will not boot with the restore cd in the drive. It just comes up with a black screen and the message non-system disk. There are no disks in any of the drives. I do not know if the BIOS is set to boot from CD as it will not let me do anything at all.

  crosstrainer 08:22 08 Oct 2008

If you can't access your BIOS (Usually F2 as the machine boots) to change the boot sequence to cd / dvd first, then it sounds like a motherboard issue:

Could be BIOS battery, but doubt it.

  MarvintheAndroid 08:28 08 Oct 2008

Try starting up using the windows cd and select the option for Recovery Console (see below). When it loads, select the windows installation and put in your administrator password.

Then type in fixboot.exe which will attempt to repair your boot sector. Restart.

If that doesn't work, do the same thing again but use fixmbr.exe instead. This will attempt to write a new master boot record.

click here


  Hangus 08:33 08 Oct 2008

It wont start with any cd's and I cannot get to the recovery console. All I get is a black screen. None of the F keys work. I can hear the click as if they are trying to do something, and I can hear the hard disk making the right whirring noises, but I get nothing but a black screen. I cannot get to anywhere else.

  ronalddonald 08:40 08 Oct 2008

also getting a cd lens cleaner and c if that can fix the drive, it may not be the operating ssytem cd.

Try rebooting as it reboots press f12 or f8 and c what happens. F8 should be safe mode, f12 should allow u to install operating system or repair operting system. If you repair you shoudnt lose any files, if you reinstal oparating system thenyou will wipe the drive.

  Hangus 18:15 08 Oct 2008

I tried all the F keys but none work. I have now found out how to get into the BIOS but I don't know what I am looking at. Is there anything in there that could help. I have tried the os CD in my laptop, and it reads it ok. I have cleaned the lens. When I try any of the F keys nothing happens, but I can hear a click coming from inside the pc case each time I hit the key.

  MarvintheAndroid 23:27 08 Oct 2008

Go through the BIOS screen carefully and look for a section that says boot sequence or similar. Change the 1st boot device from HDD to CDROM. Save changes. Insert your windows cd and re start.

Once you get your OS working you will need to set the first boot device back to HDD.


  Hangus 07:28 09 Oct 2008

I have been through the boot sequence as suggested. The floppy was first in the sequence, then cd rom, then hdd. I changed the sequence to cdrom first as suggested, but it still will not boot. It still comes up with the same message "Non-System disk or Disk Error. Press any key to continue".

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