Non system disc

  Pidder 18:36 18 Jun 2003

If I accidentally leave a floppy in on shut down, on the next bootup I get a message "non system disc (or something like that), remove it and press any key". If the P.C. knows there is a disc which shouldn't be there why doesn't it ignore it? Just curious.

  Rayuk 18:39 18 Jun 2003

Just reminding you to be a bit more careful in future.

  Pauper 18:41 18 Jun 2003

It scans the floppy drive for a 'boot disk' and informs you that the one which is in there is not such a disk, this occurs when the bios is set to scan the 'A' drive first in the boot sequence

  Pauper 18:42 18 Jun 2003

ahhh bless.........twins

  Pidder 18:49 18 Jun 2003

Thanks all. Haven't had to use a boot disc - yet. Finger crossed.

  Pidder 18:53 18 Jun 2003

Valvegrid - incidently have CWGET but not got it working well yet. What frequencies would be best to try for starters, and times? Thanks. 73s

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