Non stop low beeeeeeeeeeeep from laptop?

  theDarkness 23:59 03 Dec 2010

The laptop here has been acting up and been very slow, which I originally thought was a cmos battery or ram problem. Tonight after a complete reformat of its hard drive (which worked 100% in a test attached to another system).. the laptop started making a non stop fairly low in tone beeeeeeeeeeeeep.

What would that suggest?

  lotvic 00:23 04 Dec 2010

CPU fan failure is my first thought.

  lotvic 01:23 04 Dec 2010

or 2nd thought, now I have seen previous thread, you may have disturbed the ram or a cable.
or it could be a ram stick on way to going bad.

  theDarkness 17:45 04 Dec 2010

Since its a new installation of xp on the laptop, it would seem that the beep is merely a warning, as the sound drivers were not installed along with xp-the xp disc does not seem to have them. If I pressed too many buttons at once, the beep would eventually start up.

The system is slowing to a halt, even when doing next to nothing (eg browsing a couple of webpages or browsing through user folders). If I press many buttons out of annoyance at once then it will eventually completely freeze, and if it decides to come out of the freeze, all the buttons I pressed would activate all at once.

Its as if something was holding the system back, so Im trying to work out if its likely to be a ram problem, cmos battery problem, psu, or something else. I did have cmos battery issues before on startup, but I did not think that could cause freezing-is cpu failure or its fan the most likely? I dont think its overheating, as this freezing problem can occur shortly after startup. Its a 2006 laptop with xp.

  rdave13 17:48 04 Dec 2010

It could be overheating as it doesn't take much for the CPU to overheat if the fan is failing or clogged with dust.

  theDarkness 18:10 04 Dec 2010

How many mins since the first boot up of the day do you think it would take before the first crash? Its a packard bell, and Ive noticed that the cpu fan isnt always on, but on searching around, that is supposedly normal on some systems. Which doesnt sound good! lol.

Its definately grinding to a halt and not crashing, since its noting my every move, then when coming out of the freeze (it always does, but can take a long time)- trying to do everything ive pressed during the freeze all at once. Ill get either the beeeep during my button presses, or nothing. At other times when its slowing and im still able to use the system (just), I can see the build up of new windows as I open them.

Whats the best way to know for sure with the cpu - will I go with trying to find a simple temperature monitor, and note the results? Does anyone have a recommendation on an accurate one? thanks

  jaraba 18:41 04 Dec 2010

Try click here expnation of what beeps mean or click here

  theDarkness 19:18 04 Dec 2010

Im trying RealTemp click here the cpu was at 50 C when I first installed RT, its been on for a while now, and hasnt gone over 56 C so far. Thanks for the link

  rdave13 19:40 04 Dec 2010

Keep an eye on the temp. When it starts to slow down check the temp and open task manager, if you can, and see what's using the CPU.
If it's failing am then try Memtest; click here
Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)

  theDarkness 20:02 04 Dec 2010

Its done it again! Ive just checked the cpu temp, and its at 53 Celcius, so it doesnt look like its a temperature issue after all. It wouldnt let me check task manager, 2 mins later (since I tried it more than once) I get 2 task manager boxes pop up, but no items are in use at all, everything is at 0%.

I forgot to also mention that the rechargeable mains battery inside the laptop, runs out of power rather quickly too, I can charge it up to 100%, then as a test, switch its mains plug off. Within 20 mins, its back to giving me warnings having almost run out again at 10% power.

I also received an initial cmos battery error messsage on startup when I first tested the laptop, but after a reinstallation of windows, it disappeared. With the system now failing to work properly for more than 10 mins, crashing/freezing, or keep much of a mains charge, I dont know what to think. Ram, cmos battery, mains battery, who knows what the real problem could be. Id put my money on the ram giving up and needing a new rechargable battery, but perhaps one issue could be the sole cause..

  rdave13 20:09 04 Dec 2010

You can run the laptop without the battery and just on mains. Don't think it's that. If time and date is correct then not cmos battery.
If you have two modules of ram then try running with just one. See how it goes. Will be slower.
If OK try the other module and see if it fails.

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