Non Static IP Address

  Border View 10:26 04 Apr 2008

I have a Speedtouch 585v6 with WPA encryption.

Looking through the settings I see that my DHCP lease time is reducing (currently down to 21 hours or so). The IP address is currently set at 192.168.1.xx. Where the questions asks “Always use this address” The answer is No

Can anyone please explain whether or not this is correct. I really would like my router to be set up correctly and am concerned that I may have gone wrong somewhere.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

  Border View 10:37 04 Apr 2008

Would my speeds improve if I had a fixed static IP address?

  Ditch999 10:48 04 Apr 2008

This is OK. After the 21 hours expires your router should renew the lease. It will more than likely give you the same IP address as well. Some routers can be flakey though and worst case scenario is that you will have to reboot the router which should solve any problems. If it is working then just leave it alone!

  Quiller. 10:52 04 Apr 2008

This is not your IP address. This is your connection to the router. You only need a static address if you want to use your computer as a remote server.

To get your IP address click here

  Woolwell 11:21 04 Apr 2008

To follow on from quiller. The 192 etc address is the LAN or WAN IP address. The internet IP address will be something else. If you look at your router's configuration pages and under Broadband connection you should be able to see under Internet your external IP address.

  Border View 11:28 04 Apr 2008

Many thanks fellas. You clutch at straws when you have problems with your speeds.

  Ditch999 11:30 04 Apr 2008

I posted this in another thread.

A faster router will not speed up your connection. It is dictated by the distance and quality of your phone line from the telephone exchange and the actual service you receive, in your case 2mbps. The biggest difference you would notice is if you plugged the router directly into the main BT socket and disconnected all other telephone equipment (including your Sky box) That will give you the best reading possible for your line. If it is vastly different from what you are now getting then there is a problem with your extension wiring.
Also, make sure that every telephone socket which has something in it has a good microfilter (including your Sky box)

  Border View 16:25 04 Apr 2008

Thanks Ditch999. But I had my wiring done by BT last year. Only have one socket, with a gold standard filter on. I agree about the 2mbps except that I seem locked into a 1750 kbps bras profile. I dont have Sky and my sync speed is 448/2560.

Thank you for responding though.

Regards - Barmoor

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