Non-starting computer

  robbiehood 10:53 12 Dec 2004

Can someone tell why a computer won't start at all - i.e. not even into P.O.S.T.? Running XP on Athlon XP1700 with 256 meg.ram. It just makes the first "growling" noise when hard disk starts, then stops at a blank grey screen. Starts normally about one time in five, then everything's OK. Would up-dating BIOS do any good (it's quite an old motherboard - sorry no details here as it's at a friend's house), or should we go for a newer board?
Many thanks.

  Gongoozler 10:59 12 Dec 2004

I would say that this is not a BIOS problem, and my suspicion is that it's the power supply. Try removing some components from the motherboard, such as CD drives to see if lessening the load helps with the start-up. To get through the POST all the computer needs is the power supply, motherboard, processor with its heatsink, power switch and case speaker. This should give you a reliable startup to a POST error beep.

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