non start Advent t9000

  mb1957 12:49 29 Dec 2005

I have an Advent t9000. When turning power switch on on the power supply no blue power on led appears on on/off switch. On pressing on/off switch there is no hard drive activity at all. Prior to this the system was very unstable and restarting itself on occasion. Tried system restore disc but it would not read certain files even tried fresh copy of windows xp to no avail. It is now at the point where nothing happens as described. Please help.
Thanks Mark

  007al 12:55 29 Dec 2005

Power supply unit may have died.

  007al 12:56 29 Dec 2005

Or motherboard

  mb1957 12:57 29 Dec 2005

Forgot to say. The fans all fire up.

  007al 13:01 29 Dec 2005

Have a look inside and check your front panel connections are seated properly.Have you had the side panel off lately?

  mb1957 13:05 29 Dec 2005

The connections are all correct. I was using then turned off, when went to reuse thats when the problem occured.

  007al 13:15 29 Dec 2005

Check all connections to the motherboard.Have alook at your front panel buttons to see if the wires are all ok

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:12 29 Dec 2005

I was using then turned off, when went to reuse thats when the problem occured.

Looking like the power supply unit has failed, cheap and easy to replace Guide to changing PSU
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  mb1957 20:54 03 Jan 2006

problem resolved processor burnt out. new board & processor

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