Non-registering Ink Cartridge

  Compewnut 11:51 18 Mar 2003

Changed black ink cartridge but cannot find menu to allow me to get printer and pc talking that cartridge installed.

  DieSse 12:02 18 Mar 2003

1 - Are you absolutely sure you have fitted the correct cartridge - in many cases they look the same, but are different.

2 - Have you made sure that all the adhesive protective strip has been removed - sometimes it tears and leaves some on contacts.

3 - Are you absolutely sure it's not the colour cartridge that's giving you a problem

More details about which printer - which cartridge, and what actually happens please.

  Compewnut 14:27 18 Mar 2003

Epson C62.Printer. Prior to obtaining printer my PC crashed. Returned to supplier for repair.When received back I could not find route to getting pc and printer speaking about new black cartridge having been fitted

  woody 18:12 18 Mar 2003

Have you loaded the driver for the printer ?

  Compewnut 18:21 18 Mar 2003

Colour cartridge fine. Print driver loaded as I have printed with it. What is the normal route to take to getting the printer and PC to talk to each other with regard a black xcartridge having been loaded?

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